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HypeRoom is the Audio Web3 Dapp that helps you earn

HypeRoom is a social live audio platform that enables users to host their own themed audio rooms and join others, while monetizing their efforts on chain.


High-Quality Live Audio conversation. Up to 12 speakers and 10,000 listeners

Private ( for mic holders ) & Public Audio Rooms

Monetization opportunities such as the mic purchasing feature & live tips

Seamless Onboarding to Web3 with embedded wallet

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HypeRoom is on L2 chain

With a focus on delivering an immersive audio-only experience, HypeRoom leverages Blast's EVM compatibility, ensuring a seamless transition for creators already familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem. HypeRoom, built on Blast, not only caters to the preferences of Web3 content creators but also provides a user-friendly and economically empowering space for their audience.

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How HypeRoom protocol works

Smart Contracts

HypeRoom will use a suite of multiple upgradable smart contracts. Based on Blast data, the tx fees generated from HypeRoom contracts will go directly 100% to our app. We will lock these funds to a treasury wallet for community rewards.

Purchase Mics

Users buy a creator's mic to gain access to their private audio rooms and the ability to become a speaker in their rooms. The mics can also be sold instantly.

Fees Revenue

The cost for a mic is determined via a bonding curve formula rooted in their current count. When there are more mics purchased, the price of each mic in ETH goes higher. Creators receive 5% of each transaction.

Early Access

Unlock exclusive privileges with HypeRoom's Early Access! As an early supporter, you have the opportunity to secure your spot among the top 300 users, granting you the ability to host audio rooms in Wave 1 and monetize your audio content. Earn points and climb the leaderboard. Points will have future uses in HypeRoom app.

Climb the leaderboard by inviting friends.

Early supporters will be the first ones to create their own audio room space and monetize it.

Wave 1

Q1 2024

Limited ROOMS

Top HypeRoom leaderboard

100 ambassadors / partners

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Who we are

EntertainM is a web3 native company that aims to revolutionize entertainment in web3 through a suite of tools designed specifically for web3 content creators & brands.

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We are members of the core team of EntertainM ecosystem. We have been working together for 3 years and we managed in 1 year to build a strong community of 60K + members.

If you didn't know, we are throwing the DOPEST hyper realistic parties with DJs in the metaverse, every week.

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